1. What is Voltfraction?
Voltfraction is the ultimate platform for anyone who wants to build a career in Esports. We provide a completely developed ecosystem that helps gamers train, compete, and get professional.

2. What are the Voltfraction Clubs?
Voltfraction Clubs are established across India. There are several college clubs as well as individual clubs. The main purpose of these clubs is to identify talent from the grassroots level and help them reach the pinnacle of success.

3. How does Voltfraction provide a career?
Voltfraction Esports Academy, India’s first ever academy for esports, helps gamers learn, trainand then compete on various levels that brushes up their skills and prepares them for playing in national and international tournaments.

4. How can we make money in Voltfraction Ecosystem?
• By competing in the VF Daily Tournaments and Seasons Cup, gamers can aim for victory and win the prize pool/cash prize.
• The heads of the Voltfraction Clubs also get a monthly dividend of the club funds.

5. What is the Tier System?
Every gamer isn’t equally skilled, some are beginners, some being intermediate and others, pro. If they all compete at the same level, the results would be unfair. So to eradicate that, Voltfraction Tournaments are conducted with a tier system. Through this, gamers only play against those who are at the same level.

6. How to join Voltfraction?
There are 2 ways one can join us:
• Voltfraction Clubs:
A. If Student: If you are a student, you can check on our website if your college/school has a Voltfraction Club or not. If there is, you can apply there.
B. If Not Student: If you aren’t a student, you can fill the form on our website and establish an Individual Club registered under us.
• Internship at Voltfraction:
If you wish to intern with us, you can directly fill up the form of the department of your interest and wait for our HR Department to contact you.