Voltfraction Gaming Community

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Be a part of one of the fastest growing gaming communities in the world. Connect with passionate gamers from around the globe and join the tribe that matches your vibe.


Voltfraction Gaming University

Voltfraction is not just a tournament platform, it takes it one notch higher. Presenting to you World’s First Virtual Gaming University, which is free for everyone! Start your Esports journey and brush up your skills with Best-in class courses, Teachers and Mentors, Alumni Supports, Fests, Completions and full fledged college atmosphere.

With courses covering basics to advance of your favorite games you can train, practice, learn and implement the tutorials under the guidance of our expert coaches!

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India’s First Collegiate Level Esports League!

There is an established collegiate level Ecosystem for Cricket & Football.

For Esports? None.

Voltfraction presents first ever platform for student gamers to make career out of Esports. Just join/setup a VFC in your campus and you’re all set. The opportunities are endless, your talent is immense, don’t miss out!

Voltfraction Tournaments

You’ve wasted a lot of money on independent tournaments with no credibility.

Not your fault. We’re sorry for not coming earlier.

VF presents Scrims, Tournaments and Leagues with huge price pools, affordable entry fees, VF points system, live broadcast and company scouts spectating to spot the next Shroud.

VF's Official Team

Each match you play, each move you make in the Voltfraction ecosystem is being monitored and observed by our experienced scouts.

If you have the potential, you’ll be selected to represent our official teams at national and international tournaments.

Sounds like a dream? Make it your mission!

VF's Tier System

You’ve played many games with unfair matchmaking. Not anymore!

We believe that fair matchmaking ensures perfect competition.

VF introduces unique three-tier system to differentiate gamers with different capabilities. Practice against players in your tier, sharpen your skills, develop your gaming senseand aim for the ultimate tier.

VF's Point System

Earn VF points for each match and tournament you participate in.

At the end of each season players with the high points will receive free in-game cash, free match passes, discount vouchers, Esports academy access and much more!

VoltFraction Clubs (VFCs)


Join or setup (if not already) the Voltfraction Club in your college and participate in India’s first ever collegiate level Esports platform!


The Voltfraction school clubs have not launched yet. Till then set-up an independent club, and start playing!


Create an independent club with your squad and get yourself registered. Participate in various tournaments and aim for glory.

Team Behind Voltfraction